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Preventing Water Heater Leaks

Preventing Water Heater Leaks

Not only does your water heater leaking mean a potentially failing unit but the longer you wait to fix the leak the more likely that additional issues such as water damage to your home can occur. Water damage can also mean mold and mildew issues thus a small leak can cause havoc on your entire home. The best way to avoid these issues is to prevent the leak in the first place. Last week we went over the reasons why your water heater is leaking so now let’s talk about ways to prevent leaks.

1. Tighten loose parts. Regularly check and tighten any loose parts on your water heater.

2. Regular maintenance. Have a plumbing technician regularly check your entire plumbing system including your water heater. Not only will they check for active leaks but also identify potential issues down the road.

3. Empty and clean the tank. Empty the tank twice annually and clean it with a bleach-water solution to remove sediment buildup.

4. Regularly inspect the water heater. Not only should you have a plumbing technician do regular checks, but you should be regularly inspecting your water heater for loose parts, cracks and sediment buildup.

5. Respond quickly. If you do find any issues or cracks when checking your water heater respond quickly to avoid damage. The longer a leak occurs the more likely a flood is to occur which can cause additional problems. Additionally, when pressure builds for too long your water heater has the potential to explode. A quick response can help to ensure that these extreme circumstances don’t happen to you.

It may not be something you think about often, but your water heater is essential to your everyday life. Don’t wait until your water heater is leaking, schedule your water heater maintenance today.

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