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Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

Hard water has higher levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium and San Jose has some of the hardest water in California. A water softener will help to reduce these minerals in your water. You might be wondering why it matters if you have hard vs soft water but there are many benefits of installing a water softener which we will go over.

1. Save Money. Minerals from hard water can build up in your pipes and narrow the space for the water to move through which requires a higher pump pressure and more energy to keep your water hot or cold. So, the more buildup the harder your water heater must work which causes it to use more energy. A water softener won’t leave a buildup making it easier for your water heater and will help you to save money on your electric bill.  We will discuss other ways you’ll save money throughout, but they range from buying less cleaning supplies, to replacing big and small appliances throughout your home less often.

2. Cleaner Laundry and Dishes. When it comes to your laundry hard water can cause your clothes to become dull, colors to fade and clothes to look old and weathered. Also, dishes cleaned with hard water are left with a cloudy appearance as they dry. Soft water fuses with soaps and detergents better so your clothes and dishes are cleaner.

3. Healthier Skin and Hair. Hard water has high levels of dissolved minerals which can dry out your hair and make it feel and look damaged. Not only can it dry out your hair but your skin as well. A dry scalp and dry skin can lead to dandruff, eczema, or other issues. A water softener system will get rid of the minerals which will create silkier hair and softer skin.

4. Better Tasting Water.Hard water can have a buildup of iron, sulfur and magnesium which can lead to acidic tasting water which can be unpleasant. Having a water softener can help by giving you not only better tasting water but also food prepared with the water can also taste better. If you drink a lot of bottled water, having a water softener system could help you to save money by being able to drink your filtered water you have instead of purchasing it.

5. Less Time Spent Cleaning. The minerals in hard water cause buildup and stains in your showers, sinks and on your floors. That means you have to spend more time scrubbing your surfaces clean and you have to do it more often. Not only will you save time and energy cleaning but money on cleaning supplies too since you’ll be able to use less and do it less often.

6. Protects Pipes and Appliances. The minerals in hard water form a scale buildup that can affect your pipes and appliances. The scale buildup will clog your pipes and in severe cases cause irreversible damage to your plumbing. It can also affect your dishwasher and laundry machines by lowering the quality and efficiency of them and they may need to be replaced more often.

While you will have the upfront costs of having your water softener installed you will save money in the long run in many ways from your clothes to detergents to your appliances and actual plumbing system. The cost of a water softener can depend on many factors like the size and age of your home. For example, an older home may have outdated pipes or severe damage that needs to be fixed first. However, once a water softener is installed, they typically have a life expectancy of up to 20 years.

Call HR Silicon Valley Plumbers today for more information on getting a water softener installed in your home!

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